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Sugar In Moderation Is Better Than Raw Sugar Or Artificial Sweet

What’s better for you – raw sugar, refined sugar or artificial sweeteners?  It’s a much debated issue over the decades and the answer is – a simple – NONE. Yes even raw sugar is no better than refined sugar and artificial sweeteners have their own harmful effects.

A survey conducted in America almost 10 years before revealed that almost 60% women used artificial sweeteners there.

The report also said that 50% women used diet soda the product claims to have no calories in it. But no one said that they got any benefit from that.

But experts believe that if diet soda consumed for longer duration may cause diseases like cancer and skin related problems.

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Is there really any benefit?

The common belief that artificial sweeteners help in reducing fat but according to research conducted by Massachusetts general hospital artificial sweeteners have no role in reducing weight.

If anyone wishes to know details about these researches they should read Applied physiology in nutrition and metabolism magazine.

Therefore it’s suggested to eat sugar in moderation which is better than artificial sweeteners or any other form of sugar considered better for your health.


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Written by Suny Ag


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  1. I don’t take sugar or sweetener in my coffee, but I love chocolate, so I have much more sugar than I could. I never use artificial sweeteners because I’ve heard that they contain really toxic things.

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