Stangest dishes of the world called delicacies

Food tourism is one of the necessary components of a full-fledged journey. However, probably not all of us have enough courage to taste the dishes listed below, that in various countries are proudly called delicacies.

Would you try it? 

Cockroach Soup

Cockroach Soup is popular in China.

Millennium egg

National Chinese food: duck or chicken egg is placed for a few months into mixtures of clay, ash, lime, salt, and rice. Millennium egg in China is considered a special dish, usually is eaten only on special occasions such as weddings.

Rooster testicles

The testicles of roosters and other animals are eaten in many parts of the world.

Coconut worms

Coconut worms – Duong Dua – in Vietnam.

Guinea pig

Guinea pig is popular in Peru.

Cheese with worms

Casu marzu – cheese with worms is popular in Sardinia, Italy.

Balut – bird embryo

The Philippines will offer you “Balut” meal. At first glance, the usual boiled duck egg reminding dish is considered a local delicacy. Under the white eggshell is hiding a bird embryo.

Fried rats

They are considered aa a delicacy in Southeast Asia.

Mice fetuses on a maple frosted donut

Who would eat it? Chinese delicates. 

Tuna eyes staring from the plate

Would you dare to try the dish, staring at you from the plate? The Japanese absolutely do not worry about it and in every market and store offer to buy the eyes of tuna.


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  1. …balut is indeed from us…but i haven’t eaten it yet haha…they said it’s good to eat after having s*x coz it gives back strength…we have also that bird’s nest soup in Philippines, those birds we call locally are “balinsasayaw”, and their nests are adhered by their salivas, and these salivas are being hunted on ceilings inside the caves, and sold for higher price for restaurant’s delicacies…nice sharing…informative blog, though some might find it disgusted..haha

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