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Spring Pad Thai Recipe You Will Love To Prepare

Pad Thai Noodles with Edamame, Arugula Microgreens & Mint

I wasn’t actually planning to make it like this at all; it just turned out this way after I combined whatever I had in the fridge and pantry. This is not an unusual for me, since I have always leftovers from other recipes. I bet you do too, so I encourage you to be creative while creating your meals. My recipes are here to help you to get few ideas and to get inspired, but you don’t have to follow every detail. Spring is here and summer is around the corner so go wild especially if you have your own garden.

Even if you don’t, couple of the super healthy and tasty ingredients I am using are arugula microgreens and mint. Both of these are easy to grow in a pot on the balcony or window, if you get enough sun. So if you do not have a space for garden, try plant herbs and microgreens in a pot. It is a great way to always have fresh and truly organic greens for your salads and other meals.

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