Spiralize Spring Dishes

Thursday, 4.26.18

This year, the Spring Garden Show at South Coast Plaza is a 4-day event, filled with creative inspiration. I browse through aisles of plants, garden furniture, and other items on three floors as well as check out seminars seeking interesting ideas. I also enjoy checking out the ten outdoor living space models for interesting décor ideas to change my place around into a new makeover once in a while. I checked out the browse and marked interesting seminars for Thursday. I marked 5 interesting seminars because I plan to leave at six in order to go to a photo meetup at seven.

At 11 am, I enter William Sonoma to watch a Spiralizer demo. I have an OXO Spiralizer and I want to check out some new dishes I can do with my Spiralizer. The store has the same Spiralizer that I have, although I bought mine from Bed Bath & Beyond.

  1. The chef cooked a corn on a cob with some butter and pinch of salt. They also added some chili lime. When it was done, the chef cut out the corn from the cob, and gave some samples for the people watching. It was tasty.
  2. Spiralize an apple by using the blade that makes round pieces. Place pieces on a pan, sprinkle some brown sugar on top, sprinkle some cinnamon on top, and top it with some butter; then, place pan into oven, heating the apple pieces on 400 degrees F for around 10 minutes.
  3.  Spiralize zucchini and squash with Spiralizer to make vegan noodles. Use the small blades to make think noodles. Place butter or olive oil in pan, and add sweet onion rub. Add some garlic.

I also attended a seminar about Spring Baking tips, but for some reason I don’t have any notes on any recipes. I might have been just watching, and it probably wasn’t vegetarian or vegan. I don’t even remember the demos.

I also noticed that Ruby’s Diner had 4 new vegetarian dishes.They look good, but I wasn’t that hungry for a meal.


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