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Simple and Special Food Gift Ideas to Show Someone You Care

Whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or a birthday party, you may want to surprise your friends or relatives by showing them a gesture of love, friendship, and kindness.

And, with so many options out there, sometimes it becomes difficult to pick the right gift. Why don’t you make them something they love to eat? Whether it’s a traditional Christmas pudding or a homemade cookie, it’s difficult to go wrong with edible gifts packed with love.

If you’re wondering which food you will give for your loved ones as a gift, here are some simple yet special food gift ideas that you can try:

Homemade cookies

Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, homemade cookies are something that everyone falls for. It can be an excellent choice when it comes to a gourmet gift. Besides, they are easy to make with the ingredients available at home. Just give your loved ones their favourite jar of cookies and enjoy the heavenly smile on their face.

Traditional plum pudding

traditional pudding

Nothing can beat the taste of traditional Christmas pudding, anytime of the year!  From gourmet dessert suppliers online, you can personalise your pudding by making it gluten-free, and balancing in between health and sweet delicacy at the same time.

Whether it’s Christmas or not, you can still enjoy gourmet plum pudding at home for your friends and family.


Fudge is not something you eat every day, but it can make a perfect gift during the holiday seasons. They are delicious and easy to make. Besides, everyone loves it.

A jar full of granola

Homemade granola is one of the healthiest and delicious food to give as a gift. It’s easy to make and store. Just gather some healthy ingredients like pumpkin, blueberries, cashews, and some other fruits and nuts to make the customised granola. Store them in a nice mason jar and decorate to add a special touch of love. Give the jar to that special one as a gift and help them to stay well.


Are you looking for some amazing options to surprise your vegetarian friend? Then this homemade pesto can be a perfect choice for you. Choose some herb or leafy green like spinach or arugula. You can also add some nuts, olive oil, lemon juice, dried tomatoes, whichever you like.

Flavoured extracts

When it comes to food, not everything needs to be cooked and baked. Why don’t you try some DIY flavour infusions? They are easy and fun to make. So next time you visit someone on a special occasion, surprise them with these flavoured extracts made from vanilla, cinnamon sticks, mint, citrus peel, and many more.

Customised liqueur

If you want to give your goodie bag a touch of adulthood, homemade liqueur could be the best choice. Try to make some slow gin, or mix some chillies or vanilla pod in your vodka to create your own brew. This can be a perfect gift to impress someone with your creativity.

Doughnut bouquets

Can you name any kind of celebration where doughnuts don’t fit in?

From graduation to a birthday party, doughnut craving is always on demand! This time, get your loved ones the sweetest gift of customised doughnut bouquet! Glazed doughnuts, frosted chocolate doughnuts, twisted doughnuts. Cream-filled doughnuts- make a combo of different kinds of doughnuts as a bouquet and leave sweet wishes on sticky notes.

Biscuits with Tea Toucan Tin

For both family and corporate events, a gift box of tea bags with biscuits is a very sophisticated gift option, evoking warmth and solidarity. A gift toucan tin of aromatic tea-bags and biscuits spiced with crammed dates, walnuts or ginger can’t go wrong for any occasion!

Where there’s good food, there’s an occasion! Try out these unique food gift ideas and be the popular face on parties!


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