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Do We Really Need To Eat Desserts After Our Meal?

Do we really need to eat Deserts after our meal??  Well it depends what type of Deserts if it comes from Natural no problem, but  if has High Sugar deserts danger.. Well according to research last June 2007  from ” The Journal of Nutrition ” High intake or too much sugar is high risk factors for Diabetes.. Not only Diabetes is negative result  to our body,  One thing more according to Dental Association Journal 2002..  Sweets or Sugar produce Acid or Harmful acid on our Teeth meaning can damage our teeth.. Remember also that all Carbohydrates we intake will turn into sugar in our body.. Sweets or Sugar has negative effect on our Health.. Thats why Vegetarian people they very careful on their Diet specially eating too much sweets, and Diabetic people uses Artificial Sweetener..  There are 6 types of Artificial Sweetener ”  Advantame ” is one of good artificial sweetener..  Well friends this is only a short reminder about the Danger of eating too much sugar Eating always a Deserts after meal.. We should be careful of our Health Diet..


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