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Provencal Salad Sandwich


1 long French or Italian loaf or 4 flat white rolls

1 garlic clove

2 tbs. oil

8 large lettuce leaves (soft lettuce)

1 sliced tomato

1 very thinly sliced onion

Some sliced black and green olives

Lemon juice or vinegar

Splash of olive oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper


Split open bread, rub with garlic clove, sprinkle on oil, layer lettuce leaves, tomatoes, onions,  and olives. Sprinkle with lemon juice, salt, and pepper according to taste. Press together under weight and put in the fridge for one hour. Cut up in pieces and enjoy.

*If you like you can add slices of mozzarella or cheddar or provolone.

You can add tuna.

You can put in some marinated peppers.

You can include hardboiled egg slices.

In other words, this is a sandwich that you can make your very own depending on what you like.


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