Product Review -Kessler Handy Brew Tea and Coffee Maker Review

I’m back with more reviews!

Today, I’m going to talk about this wonderful like “maker” that makes drinking tea and coffee a lot easier! You can visit Provender Coffee Youtube Channel as well.

My mother brought this little helper for about S$12 from a mobile vendor, she wasn’t expecting much from it. Well, we all know what to expect of “mobile vendors” who doesn’t give warranty and will be gone in days.

She was proud to show it to me and well, the design of the “jar” is pretty nice and good to hold, and it comes with a free coaster. The material feels really solid, definitely not something that will break after a few use. Furthermore, we found contacts on the packaging which means someone will be contactable if this breaks down. So points up for credibility.

We are eagerly to try the little jar out. So me and my mum tried making some chrysanthemum tea (our family favourite herbal tea due to its ease of making). We grabbed some dried chrysanthemum flowers that we had, wash lightly, added them into the jar, added some rock sugar and then poured in boiling water as instructed on the packing.

We waited few minutes till the water turned slightly yellowish and then drained the liquid by placing the jag on top of any cup (it works with most cups and mugs).

Realised that the flowers were being filtered out and we have just the tea in the cup?

Yes, this is the “magic” of this “filter”! So you might think, will the liquid leak from the jar? Well, no worries, it won’t. Because it is design so that it’ll only release the content when you want it to.

If you look at the photo above, the liquid in the jar is obviously not leaking. And if you’re wondering how it works, the liquid will only be released when you push the black coloured “plate” at the bottom, and there are 4 protruding “stands” that prevents accidental pressing of the “plate”.

So you’ll only release the content when you want it to, which is by placing the jar on a cup or manually pressing on the plate.

However, there is one thing about this jar, as you can see it is rather small so it can only make one cup each time. So this is more for small families or gatherings.

If you’re lazy like me, you will probably be thinking this by now, “How do I wash it?” or “Will it be difficult to wash?”. Well again, no worries, it is very easy to wash, because it can easily be dismantled to wash the individual parts. And since you’re just making tea and coffee, you probably just need to rinse it. But do take note that there are some small rubber parts and you’ll need to be careful about losing them.

So let me just sum up my review:


– Easy to use and wash

– Light, portable and easy to keep

– durable


– can only make one cup each time

– there are some small parts that can get missing

Overall, I give this a 8.5/10!


What do you think?

Written by alibb