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What are Processed foods and How to avoid them

I really hate a know it all, someone who says ” eeewwwww!” when I mention a food that is considered as processed food, for instance cheese. But they really do not know what they are saying when they say ” I do not eat processed foods.”

Of late I have had encounters with many people who are on diets,some have been for a year or more and that is a good thing but to claim they eat clean and no processed foods is far fetched, especially when they go out to eat at restaurants and use condiment.

I am far from a know its all but common sense tells me that store bought ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise ARE processed foods. Therefore you do eat something that is processed in a plant using preservatives and additives. All spices you buy in a bottle is processed, most have additives to keep them fresh, and/or non caking additives.

I have heard from many people on how to eat clean, shop only the produce, meat, whole grains and dairy sections, BUT that does not mean its clean eating.

What are processed foods?


All dairy products are processed and loaded with preservatives and additives.

Whole grains?

Whole wheat bread is not included in this because just read the ingredients. Unless you bake your own bread and make your own flour, its a processed food.


I will say some cuts of meats are better than others, but if you buy some brands whole chickens or turkey`s the have additives. Salt is one.


Fresh produce seems to be the only foods that do not have something added to them as preservatives, the only worry here is with pesticides so you must clean the produce.

This is eating clean AS far as ” eating clean” goes :

Produce – Vegetables :

The cleanest way to eat has always been to grow your own food and raise your own animals for meat but I know that is impossible for most of the people in the world. Nowadays most people do not know how to grow food or they live in an apartment and can`t.

If you have a farmers market in your area this should be your grocery store each week, not Walmart.

Why? the food is fresh and usually local so you know what type of pollutants are in the ground in the area, so you know what will go into your body. No farmers market? shop one of the small produce stands because they do go buy it at the farmers market, they may be a little higher in price but it is better for you than foods shopped from another country.

Meat, Poultry and Fish :

While I am trying my best to get back to vegan, I am not back all the way and at times I will eat a serving of meat, more chicken and fish though.

Buy chicken that are not packaged and shipped to the grocery store, the pre-packaged whole chickens often are injected with salt water.

I am not a fan of buying fish at all, the best way to get fish is to go catch them yourself, you know where they came from and when you provide for yourself its an awesome feeling.

If possible its best to buy a cow or pig and have it taken to your local meat packing plant have it slaughtered, cut and packaged, usually the packing houses are small and they often advertise deer processing. It is possible to make your own ground meat at home with a meat grinder.

You may also be interested in buying baby chickens and raising your own for eggs or just for the meat.

So the next time you say ” I do not eat processed foods make sure that the statement is indeed a fact because living without processed foods is not a easy thing to do in the world we live in now.


What do you think?

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Written by Andria Perry


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  1. You have a good point. Unfortunately in this part of the world sometimes you cannot get too much that is not processed. I eat chicken which is grown in this country and try not to eat too many foods that come ready made. Most of our cold cut products are full of E additives so I don’t eat them.

  2. Very good article. Although I like the whole grain breads, I always try to buy organic to avoid processed flour. However I don’t have that option when I have to go to the pantries from the middle to the end of the month. We live in an apt and there is a community garden for our whole town. I don’t take advantage of it because it two blocks away from where we live. So I don’t really know what someone could be doing to our plants while we are not there.

  3. Great post-Andria and you are 100% correct…I try really hard but sometimes you just cannot make it or don’t have access you just have to do what is reasonable for you or it would drive you crazy…Ketchup is fine I don’t eat it but I love salad cream so that’s one of my vices..but hey ho needs must. Shared 🙂

  4. I think it depends what country you live in, too. In Canada we don’t have the same kinds of dairy products as in the USA, for example. Also, labeling would probably be better in some European countries.

  5. I am vegan, so I would say my diet is quite healthy, but I also eat things like crisps and pastries which are processed and fattening, so I am trying to cut down on them. As you say, it is much better to eat fresh, natural produce as much as you can.

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