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Pizza with a Twist

People usually love and can’t get enough of pizza. I love it and I’ve also made it at home. Experimenting with various ways to make pizza I came up with a very unique one.

You take around 5 – 6 medium potatoes and peel and grate them. Mix the grated potatoes with a bit of breadcrumbs and about two eggs. Take a pizza pan and spread a little oil on it. Take the potato mixture and spread it evenly on the pan like you would with pizza dough.

Now spread tomato, spaghetti or pizza sauce over the potatoes. Top with pizza toppings like salami and tomatoes and sprinkle over it your favorite grated cheese. Bake at medium heat in the oven for around 30 minutes or until potatoes are done. Take out and let stand 5 minutes. Cut into slices and serve on plates with a spatula. You’ll want to eat this with a fork and it is delicious.

This is a pizza truly with a twist because you can put on any kind of combination of toppings like ham or chicken fillet or sausage or mushrooms. The possibilities are endless. I have also made it with a lot of mushrooms and instead of putting a tomato sauce on the bottom, I have spread a brown sauce over the top. Sometimes with or without the cheese. It is always so good.

This is the way I make this kind of pizza but I also found other recipes with potato crust online:


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