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Pizza is Healthy

There is great news for pizza lovers everywhere. Pizza can be healthy for you and provide nutrition. Of course, we aren’t talking about stuffing yourself with a big pizza pie every day but a couple of slices now and then can be beneficial to your health. Mind you they’re not talking about the kind of pizza that comes from Dominoes, Pizza Hut or frozen pizza from your local supermarket.

The kind of pizza made with a real crust, homemade tomato sauce, and pure olive oil. In a study done by scientists, it was discovered that eating pizza can actually reduce your risk of a heart attack. The study was done over four years and 1,000 Italians participated. The results were that those who ate pizza at least once a week were 30% less likely to experience a heart attack than those who didn’t eat any pizza. Now again, keep in mind we are talking about pizza with cheese and tomato sauce, not about a huge pie piled high with sausage, meat and everything else.

The reason for this is that pizza has cardioprotective ingredients that include olive oil and tomato sauce. To make your pizza even healthier you can top it with vegetables, part-skim cheese, and a whole wheat crust. There are even some pizzerias that might make wheat crusts but not use the part-skim cheese.

So a good idea is to buy the ingredients and make the pie yourself. I know that a simple but great tomato sauce can be made with fresh or store-bought crushed tomatoes, a bouillon cube that gives the flavor just don’t add any extra salt and to thicken it up a spoonful of tomato paste. Boil it up and simmer for a bit. Simple and easy just right for your pie. As a rule, I try to buy tomatoes in jars not cans. Don’t forget to sprinkle in those delicious herbs like basil and oregano.


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