November 6 is National Nachos Day

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Today is National Nachos Day. But I went to the gym for a Pop Pilates class. I was informed that they now have a yoga class for Thursday morning because they found a new instructor. It was kind of hot today that I felt a little sweaty after class. I should take with me clean clothes so I can shower at the gym. But, today, I returned home to shower and eat a small snack. I didn’t eat nachos. This photo is from Friday the 13th, in July, when I watched the kids’ movie Trolls at the local park. I bought this snack from one of the food trucks.

I feel tired today. I took a nap at noon. Maybe it was the effect of the time change. I am still on Daylight Savings Time. It kind of feels jet-lagged.

I am wondering who is making up all these days?


What do you think?

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