NBFA files lawsuit against Monsanto

The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is the latest group to file a lawsuit against the agricultural giant Monsanto because of the negative effects of their weedkiller Roundup.  The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday in federal court located in St. Louis, Missouri.

The group of over 100,000 farmers are bringing litigation against Monsanto because the farmers have to use GMO seeds provided by Monsanto because Monsanto has a monopoly on the seed market throughout the entire world.  Monsanto and Bayer control one-third of the seed market.  The farmers were told by Monsanto that they would have to use RoundUp, but were not told about the damaging effects of the herbicide.

This lawsuit is different from the thousands of cases filed against Monsanto over the past two years because the farmers are not looking for financial compensation.  If the farmers win this lawsuit, then they want RoundUp pulled off of store shelves so that warning labels can be added to the product.  As you can see, the farmers are not playing around because they are being represented by renowned lawyer Benjamin Crump.


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