My minimal morning coffee plan…

Wednesday, 9.18.19

This week, I decided to start drinking my cold brew coffee cans from Trader Joes only in the morning for that pick me up, and after I take my vitamins as well as ate something.

Earlier this week, I tried the cold brew coffee with french vanilla flavor, which tasted creamy and buttery. This can is modeling next to my college graduation photograph when I was 22. My college years really started my coffee craze, which is mostly hot black coffee for the caffeine because I needed to stay up all night studying. During midterms and finals, this intentional lack of sleep lasted for one week, which is usually followed by sleeping all day to recuperate. During the holidays, I was usually at home with the flu, due to lack of sleep and dehydration. But I was young and resilient, recuperating quickly with lots of cold, ice-filled liquids.

Yesterday, I decided to decorate my cute Karl Lagerfeld purse with an Eiffle Tower keychain I had. My leopard-print pouch holds my iPhone and its needed accessories, which then fits into my purse for my local adventures. This morning, I tasted this cold brew black coffee, which tasted refreshing because it is cold, straight out of the fridge, and black coffee, if you know what I mean. As you can tell from the background, Gumby D’Arcy is enjoying his nap, filled with happy and sweet dreams, while I make plans for my day and week. 

Therefore, I started to drink cold brew coffee minimimally and only during the morning or lunch hours. I am considering only espresso shots, whether my hot coffee or cold brew for now.

Here is another flavor I tasted, earlier this month, cold brew coffee with coconut cream latte and caramel spice.

Earlier, I also tried the cold brew coffee with coconut cream latte, original flavor.


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