Monsanto is trying to kill Muslims

In the past, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) created by Monsanto were generally associated with corn, soybeans, and cotton.  However, there is one other vegetable that is also genetically modified that is not publicized as often as the other main staples.  

That vegetable is chickpeas or garbonzo beans.  This product is used in the manufacturing of the dip used mostly in Middle Eastern cuisine known as hummus.  The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has done some quality research on the high levels of glyphosate found in hummus due to RoundUp being sprayed upon the chickpeas before being harvested.

Glyphosate is a known carcinogen that has given thousands of people cancer.  Now, Monsanto is specifically targeting the Arab Muslim market in which hummus is part of their everyday food consumption.  Any type of genocide is wrong.


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