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Money Saving Tip: Why You Should Learn to Peel Your Own Shrimp

Did you know that you can save money by shopping for your shrimp with the shells still on? That’s right! Because cleaned shrimp mean extra work and higher costs for the company that packages the seafood, you’re going to pay a higher price for them.

Instead, you can buy whole prawns and shrimp and clean them yourself. This video shows you how to remove the shell, tail, and vein with just your bare hands and a knife. It’s a little extra effort, but you can peel all the shrimp for your shrimp cocktail platter and save a little money to spend on the cocktail sauce!


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Written by Blue Sailor

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    • It’s always a bonus when your local food supply is fresher and less expensive! We also live in a rural setting. Sadly, there are few farmers here selling direct to the public. They all grow their crops for big agribusiness 🙁

      • They also would just like to earn good money lol. It is true and the downside of being used to fresher food is that we notice the “not-so-fresh” taste of food, especially meat, when we are in the metropolis and it makes the eating experience less enjoyable haha.

  1. clear I like it! cook on the hob or teflon very little, finally toss over them lemon juice and a lot of garlic cut. put an end for 30 seconds. pick up the lid and sprinkle with cognac or whiskey … flambe .. probati and you say, waw!


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