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Midweek Break–enjoying veg delux pizza with fruity ale

Thursday, 10.25.18

I woke up this morning and just drank a cup of French Press coffee with my vegan vitamins. I noticed that this whole week, from Monday October 22nd to Sunday October 28th, my week is busy and filled up with meetups, gym workouts, and art gallery reception. But today was free for a pizza brunch because I wanted to check out a new pizza place that recently opened up in my area.

I decided on a customized one that is gluten-free and vegan, but filled with an assortment of veggies and some pineapple slices. As you can tell, it looks like veggie overflow.

I also decided to buy a can of fruity ale, even though I don’t really like beer, but I do like the fruity flavored beer. I tasted peach flavored ale in Seattle once, and it was good. This one has black currants, but it tasted tangy and citrus. I thought I was drink grapefruit soda drink.

I couldn’t finish all the pizza. So, I decided to put the rest into a doggy bag box and eat it for dinner.

When I stood up, I felt the beer effects as well as I couldn’t stop belching.

I was driving my old Mazda MX-3 that I drive for errands, and I noticed that it is mostly empty, except for vintage nostalgic items. I have these colorful metallic beaded necklaces that I got from UCI events. The plastic sunflower that I found last Halloween when I was on a walking meetup in Woodbridge. I actually found it next to this Press Pizza restaurant before it opened up. And I have three school stickers on the front windshield from the three colleges that I graduated from–UC Irvine, Webster University, and Platt.

As I drove home, I noticed a Lamborgini in front of my car during red light…

When I got home, I realized that Gumby is out of canned food. I gave him dry food this morning, but he didn’t look very happy. He only eats dry food during evening snacks. So, I dropped by Mother’s Market for some cat canned moist food.


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