Limelight Food Court

This is part of Limelight food court in Phuket Thailand. Here is a variety of food stalls to choose from, mostly Thai food. The establishment opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 9 in the evening.

The busiest part of the day is lunch. Many people come to dine here everyday, both foreigners and locals alike. The cost of the food ranges from 60 to 150 Baht depending on your choice of food. Limelight is like a mini-mall. It has Tom n Tom’s cafe, McDonald’s, and some other fine dining restaurants. It also has two floors. One thing unique about this place is on the second floor, they have this glass walk way. I freaked out when I tried walking on it. I felt like the glass will break once you step on it.

If you ever visit Phuket, I recommend you come see Limelight and try the glass floor.


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