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Just Five Foods!

You are on a  private island and your captors will only supply you with 5 foods? What do you pick?

A difficult question for sure! Being a foodie (I am a Punjabi J) and a fussy eater, it’s really tough for me to choose only five foods. Also I don’t know how long I would be confined to the island, so only five foods is going to be too repetitive and boring. How can you eat just five foods day after day when there is so much variety out there? But then under captivity, I won’t have much of a choice. So it’s better to make the most of the choice that has been given to me.

So let me think…Only five foods…hmmm! My first choice would definitely be rajma-rice and that too cooked by my mom! She is a fabulous cook and I love the rajma- rice she cooks. Second on the list would be something from South Indian cuisine- either masala dosa or uttapam. Since I can choose only five foods, so I would better be judicious and include as much variety as possible. So my third choice would be pizza- fulfilling and delicious! My fourth choice would be some fruit- preferably mangoes. And the fifth & the last choice would be a dessert. I will pick eggless choco lava cake or eggless brownie-simply delicious!

As I am listing my pick of foods, I can literally see the images in my head and my mouth is already watering. It also made me think how fortunate we are to have an access to our favorite foods while there are many people in this world who barely get a handful to eat. I thank God for the food I eat and I bless all those those who provide food for us “Annadata Sujhi Bhave”.

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