Journey To Thailand-Red Thai Curry Review

I tried Red Thai Curry from an Aldi’s store the other day. I normally do not like spicy foods. The package made the dish look inviting. When I took it out of the box, the dish looked appealing. Then, I heated it up and gave it a taste. Well, it was a little too spicy tasting to me. Most people that like spicy foods would probably love it. I just drained a little of the sauce off and mixed a little Miracle Whip in the dish. Then, I could enjoy it more.

Information about the dish

8g of protein, 350 calories, 7g of saturated fats, 80 mg of sodium, and 9 g of sugar. It cooks for 7 minutes.

This dish should help tasters feel they have visited Thailand. I give the dish a 10 for bringing the Thailand experience to tables. Personally, I am sensitive to spicy foods so I probably will not buy it again. if you enjoy eating spicy foods you will enjoy this dish.


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna