Irresistible Fun Food: Tacos

One of the best things about moving to Texas was that my family got introduced to a fun food called tacos.  Not only was it fun but it was very inexpensive.  I had several little mouths to feed and there was a restaurant that was really close to the apartments where we lived in Houston, Texas.  They sold 10 tacos for a dollar.  That was back in 1987.  Today’s prices you could probably get 2 tacos for a dollar.

I thought there was only one way to enjoy tacos.  The crispy taco shell with a ground beef filling, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, shredded cheese, and salsa.  But as time passed, I soon learned that there were lots of different ways to eat tacos.  Taco pizza.  Taco salad.  Taco soup.  Then there are fish tacos, shrimp tacos, chicken tacos, veggie tacos, etc.  Also, different cultures have their versions of a taco.   And for Game Day, people get really creative! It’s all good!


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  1. there are as you said so many ways to enjoy tacos. When I was little there was a place called Taco Johns. They used to always have a discounted Taco day called Taco Tuesday. We would go (my roommate and I) and load up on cheap tacos!

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