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Irresistible Fun Food: Quesadillas

Do you enjoy quesadillas?  If I had never moved to Texas or if they hadn’t come up with TV cooking shows, I might have never known that quesadilla is pretty much a Spanish word for grilled cheese.  Only …although a quesadilla is made with cheese, the bread used to make itis a tortilla, a sort of thin flatbread.

One of my daughters likes quesadillas so much that she bought a  quesadilla maker.  You don’t need a special kitchen appliance to make them. But you don’t need a special kitchen appliance to make a grilled cheese sandwich and people buy hot sandwich makers too!  What can I say?  Some folks are just picky about their food.  My daughter wants to make a perfect quesadilla every time!

Anyway! The quesadilla may start out as melted cheese on a toasty tortilla but then people get creative.  What kind of cheese?  Add meat?  Add veggies?  Can we add fruit?  Can we use a whole wheat tortilla?  Can we have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

The answer to all of those questions is … YES!

Mypersonal preference is for chicken quesadillas.

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