Ice cream made out of guinea pig meat


Scientists use guinea pigs for experiments in laboratories all over the globe.  However, people that live along the Andes Mountains in South America eat these rodents for dinner.  Maria Pilapana has an ice cream shop in Ecuador called Helado de Cuy in which the only flavor is guinea pig.  In the video, Pilapana explains how she makes guinea pig ice cream.

First, she grounds the guinea pig meat into a pate that she then mixes in a blender with milk and cream.  Then, the concoction is frozen into ice cream.  She took six months to perfect the recipe before she served the guinea pig ice cream to the community in Ecuador.  That means that everyone involved in this process are guinea pigs.

Personally, I would not eat guinea pig ice cream even though “I’m like Roger Moore living in Ecuador.”  Hopefully, this ice cream could stop the people in Ecuador from protesting by cooling them down.  Let me know in the comments if you would become a guinea pig by having your taste buds experiment with guinea pig ice cream.

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