Homestead Dinner

Most people think that living on the homestead we just eat vegetables and nothing store bought at all. But that is far from reality.

However, I do make quick meals with a mixture of wild meats that are home canned and store bought foods.

Here is am example of a fast “I have worked all day” meal.

I will open the jar of deer meat, drain and reserve the juice, roll in flour, then fry in canola oil.

While the meat is browning I make mashed potatoes with instant potatoes, while not the healthiest option its still not a bad option.  For me the best side dish is sweet peas! I just drain the juice and add a chunk of real butter.

Then for a change I did make gravy, I used the grease I cooked the deer meat in, tossed in a few spoons of flour, cooked the flour till light brown and added the deer broth I reserved.

And that is my dinner from the homestead.

How do you do a homestead dinner?

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By Andria Perry

photos by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry