Helpful Tips from a Dieter That Loves Her Carbs.

Dieters know all too well that trying to lose weight can be tricky to say the least. Today I was talking to a friend of mine about weight-loss products that can help curb appetite. First, I told her that I have been cutting out carbs from my diets, except on weekends. She told me she cannot give them up. She had some tips about how to eat carbs more and still lose weight.

My friend told me she loves bagels, but only eats half of one with cream cheese. She never toasts her bagels. She told me that by not toasting her bagels she fills up faster than toasting them. This tip makes a lot of sense. My friend also told me when she fixes spaghetti for her family; she would take the meat off of her portion, which saved her many calories. I mentioned how I loved the taste of a certain diet bar, but the calories were too high. She told me she goes over to the granola bar aisle and buys ones with fewer calories. Then, she could eat two bars with fewer calories than the other brands she had been eating that had many more calories, and she could only eat just one.

I thought I had to share these interesting tips about how to eat smarter and lose weight. Oh one more thing, she lost 15 pounds just by cutting out soda from her diet.


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Written by LaJenna

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  1. Good tips to share. If people understood how bad sodas (including diet ones) are for us the companies would go out of business. Some pediatrician believe that they harm children far more than parents understand.

    Separating carbs and fats works really well for us. If we stick to eating them at least 3 hours apart pounds that creep up over time melt off and stay off.

  2. I stopped drinking sodas in the 60’s, but not because of the calories. One problem with many low carb foods is they are still packed with sugar, which kind of defeats the purpose. Have you read the book Eat Like an Elephant, Look Like an Angel?

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