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Hello Kitty Cafe

When I go to the Spectrum Center mall in Irvine, CA, I often walk by the new Hello Kitty Cafe. It looks cute. I haven’t eaten there yet, mostly because I don’t really have a sweet tooth. But I always thought it was mostly for little girls who like to dress in pink. I still have some old Hello Kitty small items from my teenage years. But who can eat this much cookies and sugary food? It is like these businesses are promoting diabetes.

But I think this place looks like a cute place for a party, where a group a girls hang out together for some tea and baked food, celebrating birthday or another event together. And, depending on the age of the females, they can also celebrate with a bottle of Hello Kitty pink or yellow champagne.

Maybe it will become the new coffee shop hangout. But it will probably be filled with females, and maybe some gay men.   


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