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Harvest Time

October seems to be the biggest harvest time for Alabama as I see it. Its time to cook, can and freeze all the produce that has the farmers market full.

All the Spring planted tomatoes are red and ready to make soup, salsa or just juice.

All the corn is mature and ready to be roasted corn on the grill , boiled Corn on the cob or cut the corn off cob and cream. Fried corn is a old time favorite.

Okra is at its best to add to soups or make it into a gumbo, maybe breaded and fry the okra. Deep fry Okra in a mild olive oil and coat in a mix of garlic, salt and lime juice.

Bell Peppers, since these are sweet they can easily be added to all your favorite dishes raw from mac salad to potato salad, you can roast bell peppers and peel them for that smoky flavor. You can stuff bell peppers.

Sweet potatoes for baking, frying and roasting. And lets not forget the sweet potato pie!

There are so many fresh vegetables straight from the farmers field that you should not miss out of that fresh taste goodness that only comes this time of the year.

Even if you do not can or freeze for later, get out and buy enough to enjoy for the week, you will not regret it after the first bite.

Nothing like Fall in the Southern states, for me its Alabama.

By Andria Perry

Photos pixabay and Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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  1. Was very interesting to know about harvest time & food preparations in Alabama. We also make a lot of food preparations for winter time from vegetables, fruits & berries It helps very much to have all necessary vitamins during harsh winter time.

  2. Beginning of the winter food preparation season. The Balkans have already prepared the Ajvar, and these days the vegetables are prepared, which are sour and put in jars or barrels. We prepare tomatoes, cucumbers, carfiol, peppers, carrots..Also, we acidify cabbage and let it stand for at least one month.Great cooking is made from it, and a salad that is very healthy for our body.


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