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Garlic Minced Meat

Today, I made garlic  minced with green chillies. My family is very found of mince dishes like roll kababs, Chappeli kababs and fried mince with garlic and ginger. I serve this dish in clay pot with mint yougurt.  My family remarks were, very delicious, owsum taste.This was a big reward for me.l felt very  good and I forgot  my tiredness & relax.Somtime good cooking show your love with your family.Meat is good source of protien ,minerals, vitamins. Iron,zinc,and vitamin B.meat is one of the main source of vitamin B 12 also found in milk.Consuming lean meat boost your intake of iron and nutrient important for healthy red blood cells. It’s benfical for growing up children.Physician also suggest healthy diet like meat, mince,egg,milk for surgical recoveries. It’s  easy to cook and so tasty.Beef ,and lamb are excellent  source of protein, as well as  being tasty.However eating excessive amount of  meat each day is not healthy for any one. EXCESS OF EVERY  THING  IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALT.

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