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French Diet for Slim Physique

I thought this video is interesting because Justine Leconte explains French women’s eating habits enables them to maintain their body weight.  As I watch this video, I noticed that my eating habits are similar to French women’s eating habits and lifestyle, but I just prefer to eat vegan and vegetarian food as well as I sometimes use the microwave to make my quick five-minute meals. Although I am trying to stay away from processed food, it is sometimes inevitable when opting for quick and easy meals. Maybe that is why I am drawn to raw vegan foods. But I try to keep processed food and vegetarian food to a minimum when I need some variety from the usual vegan and raw vegan meals.

As I continued to watch the video, I started to think about my own eating habits, although mostly healthy, there are some items that I should cut down on, such as coffee, dairy, honey, bread, and processed food. Notice that I stated “cut down” on, not eliminate, even though I don’t eat too much of these foods, to begin with.


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