For the Love of Shrimp Cocktails

The food they love best in the U.S. state of Nebraska has a Russian-German origin. It is a stuffed sandwich called a runza. This is made with a yeast dough made into a bread pocket which is filled with beef, sauerkraut, onions, and seasoning. It is the best sandwich in this state and I know I would like to make it because having a Latvian background I am very fond of sauerkraut in all forms.

If you love seafood like I do and are fond of shrimp cocktails then you have to head for Nevada. It has become the iconic appetizer of the state and is popular and inexpensive. You’ll find this appetizer on most restaurant menus.

One thing I am very fond of is a New England-style boiled dinner. The state that is known best for this traditional dish is New Hampshire. The dish consists of corned beef or smoked ham, cabbage, potatoes, root vegetables and onions all boiled together in one pot. It is a great meal for a cold winter. I know that as soon as I can get my hand on corned beef it is going into my slow cooker.

Pork roll or Taylor ham is very popular in New Jersey. It is the creation of John Taylor in 1856 and consists of salty minced pork meat. It is usually eaten with egg and cheese on a bagel for breakfast.


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