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Food Giveaway ~ 7/6/20

Everybody loves free food.  Well, if you are near Joliet, IL, then you can obtain some free food for today.  From 12 PM (CDT) to 2 PM (CDT), there will be a food giveaway at the Forest Park Community Center in Joliet.  Drive up and you will receive a box with various food items.  The items will be enough to last for 3-4 days.  

With so many people that have lost their jobs during the pandemic, having enough food to eat has become a newfound problem for so many people.  Let us continue to feed the hungry throughout the rest of the year.


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    • Looking back in history at the Spanish flu, the economy did not pick up until after World War II. Let us hope that another world war is not necessary for the economy to recover this time.


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