Eats apple and stay young

University of Minnesota has reconsidered some reports published in the past. According to these investigations, in apple, strawberry and other fruits contain many type of chemical called ‘senolytics. It proves to be effective in preventing aging and acts on cellular levels.

Few years ago experts from the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic said after a research study, that senolytics destroyed a particular type of cells. which is called senescente cells, thus this prevents growth from aging and maintains physical health.

When a stem becomes senescente cells, So it does not split and removes the symptoms of inflammation in that case, that means the physical defense system says that clean the affected area, but old people do not have this  action and they feel like a pile of cells.

At this age, senolytics  senescente in apples are also able to cure cells, but there are many types of senolytics, One of them is fiestain very famous, and commonly found in apple, onion, strawberry and cucumber. Experts have said that after testing on mice, Fiestien plays an important role in improving health and life.

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  1. I just changed the cover photo for one of my blogs. I wanted it to be a picture of something that could last throughout the year. I found a lovely photo of apples. I felt like it was a perfect choice because of the association of apples with good health.

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