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Do you eat a credit card every week?

Do you eat a credit card every week? It seems strange to hear this question, however, experts have recently confirmed that every one of us is eating various foods as well as a credit card.

The International Organization WWF has launched a campaign recently, In which they informed people that their diet consisted of a good amount of plastic, and they are eating a credit almost a week.

According to WWF, at present, every person in the world is eating 5 grams of plastic in the week and this amount is as much as a credit card.

According to research, every human is eating at least one lac plastic particles (micro plastic) in the year which is involved in this diet and this quantity is 21 grams per month and 250 grams per year.

But where is this plastic coming from?

According to the research, 80 million tonnes of plastic used on our ground and this plastic is going into sea. it contain plastic curved particles which are called micro plastic and It turns into smaller pieces and turns into nano particles and since they are very small, they pass through each type of filter plant very easily and mix in lakes, rivers and soil.

This plastic mixed in agriculture soil and later mixed in our vegetable, fruit while plastic going into sea become the food of fish and other sea creature.

Later, when these fishes reach our plate, they contain a number of plastic ingredients. Experts says that by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than water and fish. According to the Greenpeace Netherlands  260 million tonnes of plastic is produced worldwide.

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  1. A very well-known problem all over the world … nobody is stumbled across … We are already prohibited from selling plastic bags and plastic accessories for picnics … eventually they will also ban plastic bottles

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