Desi Breeds Rising In India

India is one of the topmost places where cows of different breeds are looked after for the need of milk primarily. Milk is an essential part of the daily life of humans. It is required in almost every family to feed babies, to make tea or coffee or to consume it raw. Almost all breeds of cows are found in India. As the need for milk keeps on rising day by day, the number of cows needed for quenching this thirst is also increasing day by day. There goes a long list of cattle that are breed in India.

With this increase in demand and the nutrition cautiousness among humans, India has decided to pay more attention towards the indigenous breeds now. The indigenous breeds include Dangi, Debni, Frieswal, Gir, Jellicut, Jersind, Khariar, Kosali and many more. These breeds are wholly or partly of Indian origin. India has now tightened its decision with the implication of indigenous breeds for the production of the maximum amount of milk in India. After the government of India sanctioned some amount for the ‘Gokul’ mission, the Ministry of Agriculture has set up two research stations to perform various research on this these breeds and see how the maximum amount of milk can be delivered by these animals. Rajasthan is probably the first state to appoint a mister for Cow affairs. Previously it was seen that Brazil which was the largest exporter of Indian breed cows. So much was the craze for Indian breeds in Brazil that a Gir breed cow was auctioned nearly for Rs. 6 crores. It was also experienced that the semen of Indian breed cows were taken to foreign lands for breeding.

A2 milk organic milk

In modern times, the countries are getting aware of the nutritious values of the native breeds that are their milk and that is measured in A2 Milk. A2 milk is available in many first world countries like Britain and Ireland. A2 milk is also available in over 1000 stores. The recent reports of National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) carried on a research on over 22 different type of breeds in out of which five Indian breeds- Gir, Rathi, Shahlwal, Red Sindhi and Tharpakar had their milk 100% laden with A2 allele.  The organic milk containing the A2 allele is very good for the health of humans. It helps to fight many diseases and help to strengthen the immune system of the body. The milk helps to fight allergies, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

The cost of maintaining a desi breed is much higher as compared to the maintenance of other foreign breeds because of their vulnerability to the diseases. This has led to a small rise in milk prices in India but people have selected premium quality of milk over inferior ones with the high price. This demand for high-quality milk has led to the demand for indigenous breeds for which over 1, 00,000 cows will be produced and taken care in the near future.


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