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Delicious & Creative Bakery Products Packaging Designs Ideas

Ever wondered why the packaging of any product is so crucial? The products one buys from local shops can be packed in simple brown boxes as well, for all you care! However, to stand out from the rest of the competitor’s products, you need unique packaging techniques that are eye-catching for your ultimate consumer. Try out the new customized boxes for secure packaging. The personalized boxes come in all shapes and sizes. Let the beautiful bakery items rest neatly in the printed boxes to add value to the whole package.

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Bakery Boxes like none other:

Have you ever thought of buying a cake without a box? No? I felt so. The bakery boxes are necessary to protect the eatables inside. The bakery boxes play a vital role in keeping the shape of the eatables intact such as cakes, pastries, rolls, quiche, etc. The customized boxes bring out a unique look for the bakery items. The boxes also have safety mechanisms. In case the box tilts when kept on the car seat while driving or placed on the table, the custom boxes help save the bakery items from falling, being wasted or God forbid being squished. Safety also triggers a universal aspect, ‘pet alert.’ Most of the customers have pets that stay indoors. We all believe that cats, dogs, and birds don’t eat human food but who can guarantee their curiosity? While the yummy meatloaf rests safely inside the closed box, your customer no longer has to worry about the pet crawling through the food he just paid highly in dollars for!

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Still not convinced? Well, while you pack your beautifully decorated cakes in simple boxes with your logo on it, why not go for a little extra? These little details are the factors that magnetize more customers. Want more customers to buy from your bakery instead of the one across the street? Go a step forward and choose the fantastic range of boxes that can be customized according to your requirements. Make your business flourish and improve its productivity by giving your customers something extra. How so? Get boxes of different sizes ranging from small, medium, large or extra large? Square and rectangular boxes are too familiar, so you can opt for round boxes for cakes and die cut windowed boxes for mouthwatering cookies. The die cut window boxes in different sizes to pack the cookies, biscuits, and patties safely in each slot. The boxes can also open from the front instead of from the top.

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Worried about Printing? Don’t be. Go for the new eco-friendly printing on each box. Due to the advancement in technology today, the latest techniques of printing are available which result in high quality, state of the digital art printing like never before. To make your customized boxes look eye-catching, switch to color themes. There is a wide range of color combos to choose from. Convert the color themes of your business and incorporate them into boxes for great marketing purposes, be it red and black, neon colors or even pastels. If you want the bakery boxes to be different, you can go for stripes, dots or even different designs.

Well, if you are in search of a way to promote or take your bakery business one step ahead, customizing your give away boxes is the best idea. The printed boxes are an in thing these days so why should your business lack behind?

Make Birthdays and Special Occasions Exceptional With Unique Bakery Boxes!

People love showing off their affection to their loved ones by gifting them floral themed cakes and delicious chocolate brownies on their special occasions. Help make the birthday parties, anniversary dinners, and even GTGs fun by wrapping the eatables in stylish boxes. By doing so, not only your present customers will be happy, but you will be making new customers simultaneously.

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Why not opt for heart-shaped red or polka dotted pink boxes on the Valentine’s Day and other amazingly designed boxes for such auspicious occasions? The boxes can also be customized individually for Christmas, Easter and New Year’s Eve. Leave your customers mesmerized with the range of amazing customized boxes so that they don’t feel the need to wrap or decorate them further.

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For a more informative look, the bakery’s logo, address, and social media links can also be added on the side of the box. Most people tend to forget the names of the shops and bakeries when they come to think of them. By investing in the printed boxes, the customers will reach you easily without feeling the need to remember the name or address. Grab the fantastic idea and captivate your baker’s market before someone else does!


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