Delicious Chicken Fried Steak and Cheesesteak

Ohio has earned the nickname the Buckeye State. Buckeye is a kind of tree which unfortunately has very poisonous chestnuts. However, this state can offer you a really delicious treat also called The Buckeye. They are known for their creamy and sweet peanut butter balls that have been dipped in chocolate.

Many people know what chicken-fried steak is and that it has nothing to do with chicken. The place where you can get the best is in the state of Oklahoma. The steak is pounded so that it is really thin and then battered and deep-fried just like fried chicken.

Next up in the state of Oregon you’ll find the marionberry which is a cross between two kinds of blackberries. Back in the 1940s it was cultivated at the Oregon State University and introduced to the state in 1956. It grows well in the state but is a fragile berry so it does not ship well. It is used in making pies, jam, and ice cream.

If you want really great tasting cheesesteak then you have to go to Pennsylvania. There you’ll get a thinly chopped ribeye steak cooked up quick on a griddle and served on a roll with American cheese, onions, and pepper.


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