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Delicious cakes for snacks

If you want to take a break during business hours, or you want to snack, you can make this delicious cake. This is a great choice with coffee. Quickly preparing, and they can take several days.  The taste is really great, and since it’s simple and relatively fast.  I’m sure you will prepare this leafy dessert with nuts and apples many times. Good appetite.


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Written by marija64


  1. I put a post on facebook, tweet, pin, and linkendin. That is all. I do not know what Branka is doing, but I do only this. I regularly write posts, I comment a lot … that’s all.

    • Well, I do not know .. maybe on beauty …hah..I really do not know .. probably people are interested in food, I have a lot of followers .. believe me, I do not know … but I’m glad about that.