Chilies, Bagels, Pork, and Chippers

It probably does not come as a surprise that the U.S. state of New Mexico is well known for its chilies. The chili is their official state vegetable. Most meals are accompanied by a spicy chili sauce. Both red and green chilies are popular and if you want both in a dish just order “Christmas” the slang term for wanting both kinds.

New York is known for its bagels. The New York bagel is popular in many different ways. You can have it with lox and cream cheese or with bacon, eggs, and cheese. I know my dad just had to have freshly baked bagels and plenty of lox and cream cheese.

In North Carolina, the word is pork and particularly the whole pig. They make one fantastic barbeque. Traditionally the pork is slathered in tangy vinegar sauce and once ready used to create the perfect pulled pork sandwich.

North Dakota is popular for chippers. This refers to a chocolate-covered potato chip. This invention came from the best chocolate shop in the state, Carol Widman’s Candy. These chips offer the perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness and are also crunchy and creamy.


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