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Chia Tea and Benefits of Drinking Chia Tea

A Cup of Chai Tea

The new health drink fad seems to be chai tea.  Chai tea is so popular it is very hard to find in stores.  Chai tea has an excellent taste. It comes in different flavors; chocolate, vanilla, and spice. You can also it Chai Tea in a Latte mix. My favorite is the chocolate chai tea; it has a nice mild flavor.  It does taste like chocolate, but it’s smooth.  The vanilla has a creamier taste for it.  The spice is good as well.  Chai tea can be drunk hot or cold both ways are tasty.

Benefits of Chai Tea

There are many health benefits of drinking chai tea.  It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory.  Anti-inflammatory properties can be a great help to all of you out there who suffer from sciatica or nerve pain.  The cold weather brings on the pain of sciatica.  I suffer from terrible sciatica, and it has helped me a lot this winter.

Chai tea has very powerful antioxidants that may help prevent some types of cancer and help prevent heart disease.  Chai tea is a potent antioxidant because there is also black tea chai tea.  Chia contains black pepper and cinnamon helping support digestion.  These are good reasons to drink more tea this winter.

The next time you are thinking about what to drink you should try some chai tea.  It has an excellent taste and is superb for your health.  It is the new hottest health drink.  Look for chia tea bags next time you go shopping.  But, they might be sold out.  I have had a hard time finding them in my local stores.

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