Bite Into a Torta Ahogada

I know right now you’re thinking what in the world is that and why would you even want to bite into it. Well, the title refers to the name of a sandwich. I read about all of these incredible, delicious-sounding sandwiches which you probably have never heard about and decided I would tell you about them.

We begin with Mexico where a specialty is a sandwich known as the torta ahogada. Its amusing translation is “drowned sandwich”. It comes from the city of Guadalajara. The base of the sandwich is birote salado or a slightly salted baguette. To this fried pork filling is added and finally, everything gets covered in cold, spicy tomato sauce. On top are sliced onions and radish. In my opinion, I would not consider this a “drowned” sandwich but instead a “smothered” sandwich but that is only my opinion.

In Uruguay, you’ll find the chivito or little goat. It was created in an Uruguayan bar and has now become the country’s national dish and their most popular culinary export. Now no worries in making this sandwich the name of it is misleading and no goats were harmed. What this sandwich actually consists of is beef, bacon, and ham. To this, you add mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, and hard-boiled eggs and slather on some mayonnaise. This sandwich tastes best when accompanied by a side of fries.

In Britain, there are happy people biting into bacon sandwiches. Well, I am a bacon fan not too much but from time to time so I guess this sandwich is worth a try. It is really kind of simple. You take soft, white bread and cooked fatless back bacon. Spread butter on the bread, top with the bacon and add seasoned ketchup or brown sauce. This sandwich is usually served hot.


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