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What is the best ice-cream flavor?

My firm sends us an annual gift of six pints of different flavored ice-cream. Of  course I have to try them all, but there are certain flavors that simply are my favorite. I love Rum and Raisin, Pistachio and other ‘wild’ flavors. But I think Mint Chocolate Chip is probably my ‘go-to’ flavor.

So what is the best ice-cream flavor? I’ve listed five flavors below, feel free to add your favorite or vote for the one you like most.

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Written by SimeyC


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  1. I noticed that my favorite flavors change over the years. When I was young, I liked simple flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. And, as I got older, I was drawn more to Peanut Butter and chocolate chips, coffee ice cream with mocha chips, and other mixed flavors like these. Nowadays, I am into vegan ice cream, frozen yogurt, or must making my own smoothies, icy, and snow cones.

  2. I adore ice cream.
    My favorite combination of great four is chocolate, banana, pistachio, and hazelnut.
    Recently my son, who lives now in Barcelona (Spain), told me I have to come there and taste their strawberry ice cream. He is telling me it’s something indescribable.
    I’ll let you know when I go there and taste it. 😉 🙂

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