Are GMO's the answer for the future?

The answer to the title is no.  However, agricultural corporations are claiming that genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s, are the key to producing food in the future.  The reason why they are so gung-ho on GMO’s is that the world population is supposed to expand from over 7 billion to 10 billion people in 2050.  The worry is that the earth will not be able to produce enough crops for the world population.  However, population has been growing for thousands of years.  Yet, there is enough food for everyone.

Nevertheless, they use this excuse to push GMO’s.  However, the purpose of GMO’s is population control.  GMO seeds are resistant to pesticides.  Then, the pesticides are sprayed on the crops.  Then, the pesticide-covered crops give the consumers cancer.  

Another excuse that they use is that the GMO’s need less water so that they can grow in areas compromised by drought.  However, making crops water-resistant means that the body is not able to break down GMO’s properly.  That’s why obesity has tripled over the last 40 years.

GMO’s either kill you or make you fat so that the world population can remain under control.


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  1. That GMO thing isn’t the solution to feeding sufficiently over 10 billion people. The results of consuming GMO foods is to decrease population and benefit big corporations like the pharmacies mandated with producing medicine

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