Amazing Food Delights Found on Twitter

Twitter has been around since 2006.  It’s 2018 and the owners are currently in the process of doing a little housekeeping, i.e. getting rid of fake accounts, etc.  Some people are complaining but I applaud their efforts.  In my humble opinion, Twitter is the best social media platform out there.  It is terrific for sharing anything!  If you are a social media marketer and you don’t promote via Twitter, then you are … excuse my Spanish …

loco en la cabeza!  (O.o)

Twitter is particularly good for niche marketing. One of my Twitter niche accounts is wholly dedicated to food and drink and anything food-related.

Food and Drink or Grocery and Gourmet or Kitchen and Dining is a very competitive niche. But even so, it is also a niche with fantastic variety! You can share your own and find shares of recipes, cooking tips, food gifts, product reviews, etc. So even though you have competition, you sort of like (sometimes even love) or at least admire your competitors. Their food shares look so yummy!!  So many food delights!

This is my first Virily list. I’m starting it with shares from two of my competitors. Check out these Baba Cakes from Nonna Box and the Signature recipe Blueberry Bowl from Bluematcha. Don’t they look scrumptious? Gorgeous? Beautiful?? Amazing!!

This is also an Open List.  Feel free to share any food delights you find posted via Twitter.

#1 Baba Cakes!


Nonna Box specializes in authentic Italian products delivered right to your door.  If you love Italian food and want to explore the tastes of different regions of Italy, you can travel there and never leave your kitchen. 

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#2 Blue Matcha Blueberry Bowl


Just as I was learning about green matcha tea, Blue Matcha came along to entice me with its magical beauty.  Do you know the name of the flower that makes this tea?  "Clitoria".

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#3 Blue Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Even though smoothies are for drinking I would love to eat this smoothie bowl for breakfast to start my day.  Just looking at it gives me the enthusiasm to face the day!

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