Acorn Squash – What And How?

I am notorious for trying new foods, even if they look weird. And I always taste them raw before cooking. I will read many, many recipes, I will ask people what is their favorite way to cook this new food, some want it savory some want it sweet and other make it a mixture.

I have seen these funny looking squashes my entire life and they always reminded me of what Mrs. Smith grew and loved but she called then German sweet potato, they were huge and the flesh bland, she would cut it open and make a pie. I seen others bake them with butter, sugar and cinnamon. I did not like either way of cooking those and I was convinced that the acorn squash was the same just not grown to such a big size.

BUT to give the benefit of doubt, I bought a acorn squash at Aldi`s on sale for .99, if I did not like it I would not be out a lot of money.

This ” thing” sat staring at me on the kitchen counter for a whole month. I had not taken time to find out how to cook this weird looking  squash. Then I read an article by @rextrulove yesterday and I reckon that was my sign from God to cook that poor staring, at me, squash.

I cut it open with a sharp knife and it smelled and looked just like a pumpkin.

I cleaned out the seeds and reserved them to plant later. I sliced the squash into smaller pieces and then into small slices, I tasted a piece, It actually had no flavor. I was thinking ” well this is just great, a smaller version of that German sweet potato thing.” But remember that benefit of doubt?

I followed the recipe for the squash casserole and it turned out beautiful but how did it taste?The texture was not mush and not crunchy. And to all eating asked me if it was potato?! I told them ” no, acorn squash.”

Now will I buy another acorn squash? Maybe not but I will grow them, if I don`t eat them I know they will sell. (okay that is another post 🙂

However, I do think that this acorn squash can be made sweet or savory and I will try it once again and roasted with root vegetables to make sure not to disregard a wonderful vegetable.

Have you ever ate a acorn squash?By Andria Perry

Photo By Andria Perry and pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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