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A mushroom growing on a beech tree

Since there is no adequate name in English for this mushroom, hereinafter referred to in the Serbian language-Bukovaca.

lat. Pleurous ostreatus

This shows that this fungus in nature grows on that tree-the Beech.

Of course, this fungus can be artificially cultivated and that you have additional income from selling it.

Now let’s find out more about this mushroom.

It’s an edible and medicinal mushroom.

In nature,  Iit grows on the beech tree, rotten stumps, and it can also be found on a wild chestnut tree.

Time of growth from August to November, for my country.

The meat is white and pleasant smell and taste, the stem is grown with a hat that is a brownish-olive color.


Medical significance

The fungus is used to relieve pain, muscle relaxation and poor circulation.

For this type of treatment, you should take 3-9 grams of powdered mushrooms every day. It is supplied in pharmacies.

Due to its complex composition of minerals, vitamins and unsaturated acids are useful for strengthening immunity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Composition Bukovace:

Vitamine: B, D, C, K, proteins, mineral iodine, selenium, sodium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron.



You can eat mushrooms for food in various ways.


It all depends on your imagination.

I like to use it when it’s breaded.


I give you a recipe.


Necessary foods:

1Kg mushrom

Fife eggs

1 cup of beer

1 cup of flours

1 spoon salt



Bread crumbs



Wash mushroom and cut it on strips.


Put the mushrooms in hot and salt water.Wait 10 minutes.

Separate yolk and egg white.

Egg white is moistened in the snow.

To mix yolks, beer, flour, and pepper.

Add snow make of egg  white.

Then add flour and bread crumbs and fine everything mix to be a homogeneous mass.

Fungi to roll in flours and to fry in hot oil.

Finished mushrooms salted on both sides.


Bechamel sauce, Tartar sauce. Mayonnaise, Ketchup.

Enjoy the meal.



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