8 Must Have Apps for Restaurant Owners

The modern day world is not just about Dining-in; it is about ordering online as well. Not only one looks for delicious cuisines, but they are also concerned about services, management, environment, staff and what not. Thus, a restaurant owner must take some mandatory initiatives to improve the services and compete in the market.

But how are you going to do that? Well, one needs to manage the complete thing from the moment a guest enters to the moment he exits, he should be happy. We have collected some great apps that are surely going to help the restaurant owners to manage the restaurants effectively and with ease.

10 Great Restaurant Management Apps

1. 7Shifts

The owners have to maintain a hectic schedule for their staff members. At times, it is challenging to allot and manage a lot of tasks regularly. Wouldn’t it be better if you just assign the tasks and they get them instantly?

Well, that’s what the 7Shifts can do for you. The numbers of shifts, different work criteria, assignments, etc. can be allotted to the employees. As soon as you are done, they will instantly get a notification. Thus, they can start the preparations and everything beforehand. Also, the chat functionality will help you out in confirming the tasks and what not.

2. Feedbot – Restaurant Feedback System

Will you be happy if only new customers arrive daily and you get an amazing sale? Or will you be happy if they dine-in on a regular basis? Probably you are going to choose the second option. The thing is that the customer must be satisfied with what he pays. But how would you exactly know this?

Well, get feedback every time a guest exits using a Restaurant Feedback System. Assign a few questions about food, services, etc. and try to improve. An instant notification is sent to the staff, owner and the manager, no matter if the feedback was positive or negative. The dashboard can then be used to analyze the info and ultimately improve the food and services.

3. Slack

Not only the staff should greet the guests, but they should also greet their co-workers as well. This makes a pretty good bonding between them. Ultimately, turning the whole staff into a single team. The Slack would be an amazing add-on to improve communication between the staff members.

It could be anything like sharing order details, allotting operations, etc. The integrated features of the app such as real-time notifications, screen sharing, and voice calls are pretty helpful. This app will help you out in every possible way.

4. Evernote

Who doesn’t require notes? Well, probably nobody. Notes help us out when we need to remember something after a long period of time. And as the name suggests, the Evernote app is going to help you out in taking notes. The notes can be shared with anyone in different forms such as PDFs, checklists, images, to-do lists, etc.

The app can be smartly used to add-on something to the menu or the service. Plan something new, let the staff tweak it and execute it upon the suggestions.

5. Bluecart

BlueCart is another great app to manage the supplies for the restaurant. If someone gets out of stocks, an order can be placed with the touch of a button. The inventory can be easily accessed, managed and tweaked. One can use BlueCart via either of the two platforms, Android app or the Web dashboard. The BlueCart claims that this app can help the owners to reduce food wastage by 50%.

6. Sprout Social

In this modern world, one must take the business online. Nobody knows if or not the social media is going to do a miracle for your restaurant. Sprout Social is the app that is going to help you out to manage different social media pages. Just schedule the posts and sit back to see the posts. The app is integrated with the options to manage different social media accounts at once.

7. Feedly

The Feedly app is a bit different from all the other apps on this list of best restaurant management apps. This app has the ability to keep one updated with the latest blogs, magazines, newsletters, etc. It will help you out to stay updated with the current covers and make you a step ahead in the restaurant industry.

8. Food Cost Calculator

Don’t you hate calculating the cost of food? Well, the majority of us probably do hate this. But it is a mandatory task to calculate food cost. And as the name suggests, one should use the food calculator to keep a track of their food costs. The app not only calculates the menu pricing but it can also compare the analytics to the competitors’ menu.

Final Verdict

The way one looks at the restaurant has been changing a lot in the past few years. The technology is helping the restaurateurs to enhance the services, food, cuisines, staff and what not. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and install the best restaurant management apps enlisted here.

Feel free to share the impact of these apps on your restaurant business. We’d love to hear from the restaurateurs. And in case we’ve missed your favorite app, do let us know that in the comment section below. If found genuine, we’ll include them in the list.


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