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7 Ways to Serve Your Christmas Pudding

Citrus goodness packed with dense, luscious flavours and unique textures; Christmas pudding embodies the taste of Christmas itself in every bite. Although there are traditional ways of serving this delicious dessert dish on Christmas, there are many other ways you can serve your Christmas pudding.

Here are a few festive ways to devour Christmas puddings. Have a look!

Christmas pudding with sticky toffee sauce

Sweet and aromatic, traditional Christmas pudding with sticky toffee sauce can be the pinnacle of any Christmas celebration. Your guests will get the richness of thick toffee sauce dripping into the middle of the pudding, and this simple texture adding trick will be a sure-fire success!

Chocolate Christmas pudding with more fruits

Not just for the chocoholics at your Christmas party! Give your traditional Christmas pud recipe a touch of rich cocoa. Chocolate Christmas pudding, conjured up with more fruity goodness like tinned mandarins, clementines, cherries, and cranberries can be served as a show-stopping dessert on the big day.

Christmas pudding served with ice-cream

When you happen to celebrate Christmas in summer, there’s just so much you can do with your Christmas pudding recipe. During this holiday season, nothing could beat fudgy-textured Christmas pudding in combination with velvety scoops from a sundae- as the perfect summer dessert!

To give it a bit more festive twist, you can add brandy, cranberry sauce with walnut praline shards and some plump fruits on top!

Christmas pudding trifle

To keep all the festivity of the big day in mind, don’t miss out on the unique yet popular Christmas pudding trifle! To prepare this festive trifle, crumble the Christmas pudding into pieces and scatter them over the bottom of a trifle bowl.

Keeping the syrupy consistency in mind, add luscious layers of jelly crystals, custards, cream, crunchy biscuits, fresh fruits, roasted nuts, chocolate chips, gooey marshmallows, and so on! Even guests who are not into the traditional Christmas puddings will find the Christmas pudding trifle an instant hit!

Christmas pudding canapés

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After finishing a multiple course dinner, even a small piece of dense Christmas pudding can be a little too much to digest, but when you and your guests won’t want to miss out on the luscious taste! In this case, plum pudding canapés and truffles are the ultimate dessert treats.

Turn small, crumbled pudding pieces into bite-size dessert balls and serve with pancetta polenta stacks, blue cheese, cupcakes or muffins both as individual desserts and toppings!

Christmas pudding strudel

As another alternative to Christmas puddings, crispy filo-pastry loaded with crumbled Christmas pudding strudel is immensely popular. Crunchy on the outside, textured Christmas pudding filo on the inside- this is undoubtedly the best way not to just recycle your leftover pudding, but also to give it a whole new life and a unique taste of its own!

It’s incredibly easy to make and even easier to serve at family get-togethers with anything sweet or savoury. Just with vanilla sauce, whipped cream, or a scoop of ice-cream, Christmas pudding strudel tastes heavenly.

Christmas pudding with classic brandy or rum sauce

This mouth-watering Christmas pudding sauce is a must-have, despite being the most traditional and most iconic of all. Christmas pudding and its dense texture go incredibly well with a slathering of velvety and boozy rich brandy or rum sauce. You can be experimental or playful with the flavours too, by spreading or mixing vanilla, hazelnut, caramel or pistachio packed with fruit pulp and aromatic spices on top.

There are plenty of add-ons, toppings, sauces you can serve with the traditional Christmas pudding this December. So go ahead and try some new flavours and textures with your Christmas pudding this Christmas.


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