6 Facts Why Customers Should Buy Organic Food!

In the past century, farmers and economies grew increasingly dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase the volume of produce, be it vegetables or meat. While this helped them meet the spike in demand for various food items, it also had deteriorating effects on the quality of the soil as well as the produce, not to mention, the health of the consumers. Thankfully, we can now put a full-stop to these adverse effects. Wondering how? Well, through the use of organic foods.

If studies are to be believed, organic foods are comparatively healthier than their non-organic counterparts. Moreover, they offer numerous other benefits, some of which are listed below. Organic foods are not only much more nutritious than conventional foods, they are also better for the sustainability of the ecosystem. Moreover, these foods help avert the many disadvantages of the foods grown with the help of harmful chemicals. Hence, it makes complete sense to include as many organic foods in our diet as we can.


Organic Foods are More Nutritious

Various studies have proven that organic foods are richer in essential minerals and vitamins. In fact, they contain increased levels of almost all key nutrients that support better health in humans as well as animals.

Organic Foods are Free of Additives

Conventional foods often contain a wide host of additives including monosodium glutamate, hydrogenated fats, aspartame, as well as artificial colourings, flavourings, and sweeteners. These additives are known to cause numerous health problems including food allergies, heart diseases, migraines and asthma amongst others. Organic foods do not contain any such harmful substances, and thus bring little or no harm to the human body.

Organic Foods are Pesticide Free

Traditional farming is exceedingly dependent on the use of pesticides to kill weeds and other unwanted pests that may harm the crop. However, the residue of these pesticides often sticks to the produce. As can be understood, these are extremely harmful to human health. Since organic farming does not permit the use of artificial chemicals, organic foods prove to be a boon to our health.

Organic Foods are Good for Wildlife

As mentioned earlier, organic foods do not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides. This ensures that the soil they are grown in remains unharmed, and the air remains pollution free. This, in turn, offers a more conducive environment for the wildlife, allowing it to survive and thrive.

Organic Foods are not Genetically Modified

While GMOs have their own advantages, they aren’t suitable for all. GMOs are known to create food intolerance, allergies and can even lead to resistance to antibiotics. Hence, it is best that these are avoided. Since genetically modified foods cannot be classified as organic, choosing to buy organic food online is a great way to steer clear of them.

Organic Foods Do Not Rely on Drugs

It has been known that in order to meet the increased demand for meat and eggs, farm animals are often subjected to the high use of antibiotics. Organic standards do not permit the unnecessary use of drugs on animals to make them grow faster or fatter.

Now that you are aware of some of the incredible benefits of organic foods, go ahead and place your order for organic food online, at your favourite grocery store. After all, your health should always be the first priority!

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    • Getting to eat Veggies and fruits from your own farms are pure form of lucky these days. No additives, no harmful pesticides etc. I miss those days when we had a farm and 7-8 types of veggies and fruit plants 🙁

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