3 Meals From Leftover Christmas Dinner – Breakfast -Lunch – Dinner

You have it and you love it but lets face it…. been there and already had that and I want something different is in the air, we are tired of the heavy foods making us feel tired and run down.

Its time to lighten up but not waste any food in the process.

Here is how I did three meals from Christmas dinner leftovers.

Breakfast was the easiest, we just ate a huge bowl of the ambrosia. Eating fruits for breakfast will keep you full for much longer than you would expect, who knew fiber could taste so good?!

Lunch was the classic ham sandwich. For Tony it was all about the ground black pepper and mayonnaise with a thick slice of ham, me I love the fruit, mayonnaise and a thick slice of ham. With the protein being the star of lunch this kept us full till dinner.

Dinner was a little different and getting back to the foods in the pantry. Butter beans with ham bone, kale and baked sweet potatoes.

I soaked the beans for a couple hours while I relaxed. Then I drained, rinsed and cooked the butter beans, with the ham bone and the little pieces of left over ham, on medium till cooked soft, about an hour and a half. I opened the jar of kale and heated it with a dash of olive oil and a nice squeeze of lemon and a spoon of agave nectar.

For the sweet potatoes I cooked those in the microwave for five minutes, sliced them open and added a dab of butter.

This year things were a little different, but different is good most of the time 🙂 That is how I did the day after the Christmas eve dinner so that I had a nice relaxing Christmas day.

What do you do with the leftovers?

Why did I do things differently this Christmas? Read Here to find out.

By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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