Winter 2017/2018 Fashions, Part 1

Friday, December 08, 2017

Last night, I took out the trash, as well as all three large bins so that the Waste Management people will also exchange my larges bins for small bins. My Beetle keeps colliding with the three large bins at the right side of the garage wall, and I just noticed two dents at the right front section of my car, over the tire. Next year, I will need to go to the dealership for an estimate. But, for now, I will use the small garbage bins. I went outside at 3 pm, to see the three small garbage bins at my curb, and they looked cute. It was like my three large garbage bins reproduced small ones and died. I opened the garage door to place the three small ones in the same area, and they all fit there neatly as well as they were easier to manage. I changed my clothes for tonight’s Woodbridge walking group meetup at 6 pm, and then I turned on my computer.

Moreover, I just received the Winter 2017/2018 issue of California Style magazine in my mailbox.

#1 Minimalism in Black and White

  • The Minimalist Woman is very simple, preferring only one jewelry piece per simple outfit in black and white, monochromatic black or monochromatic white. She prefers to live in a small apartment with minimal furniture. In her living room, you are likely to notice a black transparent lamp, a set of black vases, wireless headphones and her favorite book on the glass coffee table. Inside her boudoir or walking closet, you will notice black high-heel shoes with crystal letter clip, onyx and diamond cuff links, ankle boots with a modern sculpted design, asymmetrical mini dress, metallic watch with metal band and diamond studs, chevron ring, high-top sneakers in black, travel bag—used as a purse, gym bag, and overnight getaway bag, makeup brush, and a simple chain bracelet. Inside her small kitchen, you might notice Extra Virgin Olive Oil and metal crazy straws. This multifunctional woman prefers practical, expensive, and unique items that have a long life. She is likely to be French, or she just likes the French style, and prefers to hang out at museums, art galleries, art studios, and artwalks.

#2 The Active Woman

  • For a woman who is active and casual, she will most like do a lot of walking as well as ride a bicycle because she spends most of her time in the outdoors, enjoying nature, plants and wildlife. Her outfit might include driving shoes, fringe earrings, vintage style beaded necklace, printed belt with logo buckle, Lock Bag, felt hat, and an outfit in red and olive green. Other accessories include red lipstick, patent silver pumps with embellishments, box clutch with floral embellishments, key ring and a floral headband. Since she has an active schedule, she uses an eyeshade to help her get a good night’s sleep. Her favorite hangouts might include playing backgammon at a café, playing Bocca Ball, which is like bowling and pool played on the lawn, and taking strolls in Downtown LA, browsing in the fashion district and farmers’ market, and checking out Garden Shows. Her favorite book is a Vegan Cuisine Cooking book. She often seeks out unique items, such as a Garden of Eden chandelier, complete with an apple and snake décor.

#3 Edgy and Funky Streetwear

  • Edgy Streetwear for Winter 2017/2017 are all about wearing outfits with bold colors, spiked accessories, bold and colorful prints, accessories with a logo, a large diamond ring and high-top sneakers. This independent woman totes along a good book as well as her best friend, a cute doggy wearing a bold-colored and trendy puffy vest jacket, harness, and leash. She travels with a matching passport cover, purse, cardholder, and spiked cuff and belt. Inside her purse, she also has her favorite perfume and sunglasses. Packed clothes might include short dress with long sleeves, leopard print and ruffles, high-heel sandals with spikes, ankle socks, and long coat. Her favorite hangout is at the Venice Beach Broadwalk in Los Angeles, California. It is no wonder that her home is filled with cushions, pillows and throw blankets, which looks like a bohemian’s haven.

#4 The Feminine Flirt

  • Must-Haves for Winter 2017/2018: rose-gold colored items, such as watch, speaker, dangling earrings with tassels, wristband cuff-like bracelet, rose beige and rose brown colored eyeshadow, rose-colored velvet baseball cap, small saddle bag with long chain handle, Sparkling Rose wine, a good book, bomber jacket with print design, rose-tinted sunglasses, necklace, metallic high-heel pumps, tote bag to carry everything you need within a day’s work, floral diffuser, and glossy and rose-colored lip luminizer. This woman seems to be into luxurious environment, preferring to hang out on the beach and Malibu in Los Angeles, CA, dressed in metallic shiny sequins and expensive accessories.


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